Labour Mobility

Solomon Islands Labour Mobility Workforce

Halo – Welcome to the Solomon Islands Labour Mobility website.

We kindly encourage visitors with an interest in learning more about Solomon Islands and our workers, especially potential employers, to spend some time understanding the valuable contribution that our people can offer.

Here you will learn more about the unique qualities of Solomon Islanders and why employers should consider recruiting workers from the ‘Hapi Isles’.

Let it be said that Solomon Islanders are truly hard-working people, eager to learn and enhance the skills that they already possess, while adapting to new situations and environments. As testified by employers who already recruit from Solomon Islands, our workers are sure to meet your expectations and help your business grow.

Importantly, I would like to thank the Australian Government for supporting Solomon Islands participation in the Seasonal Worker Programme, including supporting this website. This Programme is life changing for Solomon Islanders.

George Tuti
Director of External Trade